What is gcef

Interaction of various educational stakeholders, industry, to regulator that combines education exhibition, domestic and foreign career with talk show seminar

what's on gcef

Educational Exhibition
Presenting the best local and international universities

Talk Show Seminar
Interactions between local and international stakeholders in the educational and industrial sectors, professionals, and regulators.

Scholarship Exhibition
Presenting numerous programs, companies, and universities providing local and international scholarships

Mingle Session
A networking session in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere between stakeholders and visitors

why company should exhibit

Variety of Stakeholders
we combine numerous elements and stakeholders starting from those engaged in the educational sector, industrial actors to regulators in events

Unique Concept
The visitors and participants of GCEF 2017 by TopCareer.id will also freely interact in a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere

Market Potential
Being located at The Kasablanka, Kota Kasablanka Mall, Jakarta, certainly advantageous in every sense. Being held in the capital city of Indonesia and the biggest city in the country. The fact also reveals that the students and professionals in Jakarta rank the highest among those in all regions in Indonesia.

Maximum Promotion
Attracting concept and cooperating with many media partners, plus the power of TopCareer.ID database would be its own advantages

About Global Career & Education Fair (GCEF) 2017

By TopCareer.ID GCEF 2017 is a place for all stakeholders in professional educational and industrial sectors from many countries to interact for the purpose of realizing a better education for all. Its activity combines the elements of educational as well as local and international scholarships exhibitions and talk show/seminar.

Having a discussion about educational world and experience in the field from the perspective of industrial actors and professionals from numerous sectors, this event is positive and effective for various interests. Targeting 2,000 visitors, GCEF 2017 by TopCareer.id that carries 34 booths is expected to be able to provide an answer for the improvement of the quality of education and career for students and professionals coming from many countries.

Booth Participant

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